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STEVESCARS.COM will take anything of value in trade for any of the vehicles in our inventory.  We realize that the currrent economic conditions in our country prevent many people from coming up with the necessary funds for a down payment on a car, insurance converage for a car, or the necessary department of motor vehicles transfer fee.  We will consider partial trade for items such as musical instrucments especially fender guitars, gibson guitars, martin guitars, and taylor guitars.  We can give you trade in credit for diamonds, diamond rings, and estate jewelry.  We wil consider motocyles, motor scooters and Recreational Vehicles.   This is a partial list call us shoot a pic and we can give you a  phone evaluation or a email quote.


The woman had been paying more than her new car payment to feed and care for the 13-year-old gelding. Those costs now fall to Najjar. “Somebody told me a long time ago, don’t take anything on trade that eats,” Najjar said. “I broke the rule I guess.” No matter. Najjar’s wife and three kids – ages 5, 7 and 9 – are delighted. Having to find a buyer for a traded item occasionally takes longer than expected and that can temporarily tie up Najir’s cash flow, but it doesn’t happen often.

“We try to turn things around pretty quick,” he said. “We have a relationship with some local vendors (and) always turn to them first.” Najjar said the occasional hassle unloading the oddball trades are worth it. They bring in an extra 10 or 15 deals a month. He avoids taking anything illegal in trade and is careful to do everything by the book.

That includes valuing even the items he keeps and telling the lender he is taking, say, a horse as the trade in. Najjar said his entire sales staff is skilled at assessing the value of a broad range of items. But if the trade in turns out to be worth less than the required down payment, it is the dealership that comes up short, not the bank. Creditors don’t mind the unconventional deals because all the risk falls on Najjar.

There are some limits to what Najjar will take on trade. He once refused two burial plots. “He was asking too much money for them,” Najir said. “I didn’t know how to value them – and I didn’t want to use them.”

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