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Buy your next car from a Police Auction

The averge price for a new car is near $30,000 and the credit requirements are tough to qualify. I started purchasing vehicles about 10 years ago from Police Impound Auctions. The vehicles that are auctioned off at these sales have been seized from criminals, people with no drivers license, people with no automobile insurance and abandoned vehicles. These auctions are not for the faint at heart as the auctions go fast and you must pay cash and there is no guarantee at all on these cars they are sold as is. The type of vehicles range from compact cars, luxary cars, vintage cars, SUV’s , RV’s, motorcyles and motor scooters. The attached free ebook will assist you in your purchase of a Police Impound Car. However, the following short list should help you. The San Francisco Police Department tows on an average day 50 cars to its impound storage lot. The storage per day for a police impound vehicle is approximately $50.00 per day plus the wrecker bill. The owner of the vehicle must pay the storage bill plus the wrecker bill in order to redeem their car. If the customer fails to redeem the vehicle it goes to public auction. There are some Police Auctions that offer their cars online such as EBID.NASHVILLE.GOV in Nashville, Tn. However, in most cases you must be present in order to bid and must have cash, or credit car or an arrangement with the auction to pay by other means. I recommend before you descide to bid on one of these vehicles contact STEVESCARS.COM and let us get you a Vehicle History Report the information on this document wil give you information such as accidents, emission problems etc. I further recommend to contact the local DMV with the plate number and find out if there is past due registration charges. The document received at these auctions generally is not a vehicle title, the document is called lien papers. Contact a knowledgable auction person to walk you through the completion of these forms as their are lengthy and often time tricky. I will publish a book shortly titled guide to Police Impound Sales watch this website for publication.

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