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The question of what type of vehicle insurance is best for you whether it is rental car insurance, car insurance protection or just more than car insurance it all can be explained in the below article.

The age of your vehicle determines the premium you are accessed along with your age, driving record and the type of vehicle you drive. The insurance companies in the state of California inacted a feature to their policy holders plans last year that required the mileage of the vehicle at the first of the year and at year end. The Car Insurance companies then accessed the true number of miles in which a person drives his vehicle and adjusted the premium up or down depending on the estimates you gave them when purchasing the car insurance. The type of vehicle in which you drive can have a serious bearing on your rates. A person under the age of 25 that drives a sports car will pay a higher premium that the same person driving a 4 door sedan. The best way in order to keep your insurance rates in check are as follows:

(1) Drive an older vehicle in which you have to carry only liability insurance.
(2) If you receive a traffic violation carry the case to a jury trial and hope for a mistrial or the police officer will not show up for the hearing. If you are convicted ask for traffic school to keep the violation off your DMV report.
(3) Attend defensive driving schools offered by AAA or other insurance agencies and tell your insurance company about it.
(4) Try to lower your risk by not driving in bad weather or when upset or tired.
(5) Have you car checked regularly for safety: brakes, lights, horn etc.
(6) Ask your local police department for a print out of the most dangerous intersections in your hometown.

These basic common sense procedures will assist you in lowering your risk of accident, and make you a more defense driver. Car Insurance is required in most states prior to purchase of a motor vehicle and in many states a motor vehicle can be impounded by local law enforcement and sold at public auction for failure to have proof of automobile insurance. Stephen C. Webb author

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