Used Car Sales Paducah Kentucky

Used Car Sales Paducah Kentucky

Steves Cars Used Car Sales 


Steves Used Car Sales

WELCOME TO STEVESCARS.COM  one of the oldest used car lots in Paducah, Kentucky.

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Used Car Sales

MVC-186S is an established  Paducah Used Car Sales Lot with a used car inventory and providing  cheap used cars to the citizens of Paducah, Kentucky and the surrounding area.  Our inventory includes  used honda accords, used jeeps, used pickup trucks and affordable  #police impounded auction cars.

We offer a wide selection of used motor vehicles under $5,000.  We offer active duty military, retired military personnel and military reserve discounts on their next used car purchase.  We offer nationwide vehicle transport service for all vehicles  purchased from our used car inventory.

The pricing structure for includes using a state of the art formula using Manheim Used Car Marketing Tools based on recent nationwide vehicle sales data and recent sales @online websites such as, , craigslist, ebay and   We are a Paducah Used Car Dealership that is family owned and has been in the same physical location for the past 25 years.  We offer assistance in your next used car , truck, or motorcycle purchase.   NEXT CASH we offer car pawn loans at an affordable low interest rate @our sister company AACE AUTO PAWN.    We take pride in offering the citizens of Paducah and surrendering areas cheap, low priced motor vehicles at an affordable rate.


We are located at 622 South 6th Street in Paducah, Kentucky and our youtube channel cardealer16 shows up to date video’s of our used car inventory.   The used car industry has changed over the years with new technology and tools that make your next used car purchase a great experience and we want to be your used car dealer.  Whether you are a first time buyer and just received your drivers license or a person just needing a work car


 We can offer you a free appraisal of your present vehicle by simply  sending us a video and description of the vehicle you would like to sell or trade your car in on a later model used car or truck.    Our website allows you to send us an email to  and tell us what you are looking for including make, model and year.  We will actively pursue  finding  the car of your dreams.



Auto Transporting

IMG_0065If you are looking for a new used honda accord, pickup truck or sports or classic car, then you are in the right place. has been in the same location for over 15 years at 622 South 6th Street Paducah, Kentucky.   We are a multi service used car lot offering quality cheap used cars as well as the arrangement for any car transporting whether from coast to coast or inter state. We are connected with car transporters and offer the lowest rates for multi cars, military PCS, Retirement car shipment and ebay vehicle shipping.
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Auto Pawn Loans

MVC-076SFirst, an assessment of the value of your car for trading in purposes, or resale is calculated.   We then can lend you cash on your car, truck, motorcycle, SUV, RV  or other  valuables through our ACE AUTO PAWN SHOP located in the same building.

Ace Auto Pawn has the lowest pawn shop rates in the state of Kentucky and allows you to make payments at your leisure and time schedule. We obtain 90% of our used car inventory from local, state, and nationwide POLICE IMPOUND AUCTIONS. We have found that these type of vehicles are in better condition than the average trade’in vehicle and found at the average dealer wholesale auction.

Our inventory consists of used Honda Accords, GMC, Chevrolets & Pickup Trucks and assorted 4X4 vehicles.  We also sell collectible cars and luxury cars such as Cadillac, Lexus, Acura and  High End Honda Pilots.
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Guitars for Cars

5Ib5L85M43kf3Fd3M8c7c026d03aab1711f2cOur “Guitars for Cars Program” will accept collectible guitars as partial down payment on select models.   We prefer Fender Guitars, Gibson Guitars, or Martin Guitars.
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Online Pawn

thOur onsite online Pawn Shop Ace Auto Pawn offers cash pawn loans on vehicles including motorcycles, cars, trucks, motor homes, musical instruments, jewelry and Apple Products including IPAD, IPODS,  and Apple Lap tops and desk model computers.
Read More… in Paducah KY wants to be your go to for your next used quality cheap gas saving car starting under  $5,000. Thank You for visiting our site and please drive safely.  And, don’t forget to ask us about our Military Discount Vehicle Program.


Stephen C. Webb Owner  USNR retired Vietnam Veteran.
Twitter: twitter@webbsftaxi804
Facebook: Stevescarscom

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