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This is the way it was in 1951.   Route 66 was a narrow winding backroad, Harry Truman was the man that ran the show, the Korean War was just beginning and I was a baby and did not know.  These cars are the history of yesterday, today and tomorrow.  The sleek 1957 Chevy’s that rolled down the Highway’s that could be bought for under 5,000 dollars and the gas was .25 gallon. You could fill the tank for 2.00 and still have cash to buy a soda, burger and go to the movie and buy a six pack of beer.   The good old days are gone only memories like these old cars and the songs that go with them   Little Duce coupe, Leader of the Pack, BJ the DJ and a host of other hits that made cars, blonds, and movie’s great.  Enjoy this page and its content.   Stephen C. Webb creator 62 year .  

People left their doors unlocked and you did not have to worry about being carjacked or killed unless in war, and you could make 100.00 a week buy a new car rent an apartment and slick you hair back and be a  hipcat. The great lines these cars had, the big fins, the big v8 engines that would go 0 to 100 in about 3 minutes are now gone for good replaced with 4 cylinder boxy Honda’s , Toyota,’s, Nissan’s and electric  cars that burn up and cost more to keep running in one year than the old cars in their whole lifetime.  Take me back to the good OLE DAYS, when Hank Williams, and Lefty Frizzell was playing on every jukebox and Merl Haggard had just went to prison and Johnny Cash had not been discovered yet.

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